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Custom Built

Lunch Database was built from the ground up to provide the freshest, most accurate restaurant listings via a fun, easy-to-use website. Lunch Database was built by the same creator of Lunch in the Loop, Chicago's leading resource for where to eat in the downtown business district known as The Loop. After 6 years in the industry along with the experience gained, it was time to increase our reach.

More Menus

Rather than creating our own version of a restaurant's menu, Lunch Database provides a direct link to their actual menu on the restaurant's website. We do not store any local copies of their menus on our site, thus ensuring the most up-to-date information available. Nowadays most restaurants have their own websites along their menus available online, and Lunch Database embraces that.

User Community

Lunch Database serves as a user community of lunch goers who share the same passion for discovering new and exciting places. Our contributors also have the ability to edit listings, add new restaurants, create neighborhoods, and add points of interest. With the help of thousands, our information is being updated continuously. Become a contributor today and help us keep the listings fresh!

Lunch Roulette

Having a tough time deciding where to eat today? Is the group going out for lunch and not everyone can agree? Enjoy the fun of choosing where to eat by spinning our Lunch Roulette wheel. Become a member and create your own custom roulette wheels with your favorite places!

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