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Restaurant Info
NAME: Home Run Inn Pizza
ADDRESS: 6221 S Archer Ave
CITY: Chicago, IL
PHONE: (773) 581-9696
NEIGHBORHOOD: Garfield Ridge, Clearing, Forest View
AVG. PRICE: Under $10
Deno's Pizza3 blocks
Tina's Pizza3 blocks
Pap's Tap3 blocks
C D Cafe4 blocks
Lynds Chili5 blocks
Pizza Hut0.64 miles
Ocadlik Milan0.64 miles
Subway0.65 miles
Obbie's Pizza0.71 miles
Mini Hut0.71 miles
Shrimp Shack0.71 miles
McDonalds0.76 miles
Cafe Two070.78 miles
Chop Suey 10.83 miles
Triano's Pizza0.84 miles